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All Hospital Jobs Save Lives

You do not need a doctorate in medicine to work in a hospital. Hospitals require workers from many different skill sets. Hospital jobs without a degree do exist, and it's these opportunities that slip under the radar in the job market.

Workers in the medical field who are not doctors can do everything from running the front desk to driving patients. What many may see as unskilled hospital jobs, such as custodians and security staff, count here, as do administrators who are in control of the very function of the hospital.

Nonmedical Hospital Jobs to Look Into

These are numerous and cover a wide range of services. A lot of the inner workings of a medical center are aided by those who do not have a scalpel.

Some jobs in hospitals that don't require medical training are:

  • Hospital administrators
  • Orderlies and nurse's aides
  • Record clerks
  • Drivers
  • Security staff

This is a small fraction of the variety of both full-time and part-time job opportunities in hospitals across the country. Many of these jobs can also be done anywhere for similar pay grades, but as part of the well-oiled health machine, you're also helping to save lives.

Median Salaries for Hospital Jobs

While salaries can vary, and surgeons have the second-highest median salary in America, PayScale reports that a hospital administrator can make between $46,090 and $181,633 a year.

This is much higher than an orderly who makes, at most, $37,808 and medical receptionists who make around the same.

What this shows is that hospital jobs requiring simple skills you learn in school, such as in IT or administration, can earn more than those that don't.

At the end of the day, if you're an IT specialist, a receptionist or a cleaner, you may find hospital jobs more rewarding than doing those same jobs elsewhere. Life in a hospital isn't as colorful as it is on TV, but if you can sleep at night knowing that you've helped someone, you'll wake up and happily do it all again.

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